Cape Cod Sellers Information

  1. Getting your house ready to sell

    You should think of getting your Cape Cod house ready for buyers to view the same way you think of getting yourself ready for a formal engagement. You should do as much streamlining and staging as you can. How much money should be spent on preparing your property for sale really depends on your budget. Be careful not to spend money on fixing things that will not yield a good return. Cape Cod real estate agents see hundreds of homes and can offer many valuable tips on how best to prepare your home.

  2. Determining the listing and selling price

    Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the suggested listing price; location, size, condition, market trends, currently listed homes, and the selling price of similar homes. The agent has a fiduciary responsibility to get you the best price the market will bring.

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  3. Choosing a real estate professional

    You need to have confidence in your real estate agent. They should have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the selling process. You will be relying on them to give you expert advice. Don’t be fooled by a high suggested listing price without the comparables to back it up. Make sure you understand and agree with the marketing plan. 

    Make sure you understand and agree with their office’s marketing. Listings should be enhanced on It is the #1 website used by buyers when starting their search for a home. Equally important is that your property should never miss an opportunity to be seen by a potential buyer. Many homes have been unable to be shown to buyers because the listing agent could not be reached. You should be kept regularly informed as to the actual marketing and showings along with any comments from the buyers.

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  4. The buyer makes you an offer

    An "OFFER TO PURCHASE" is made to the SELLER which must be accompanied by a check from the buyer. The offer contains not only the price they are willing to pay but conditions that you and they must meet. Our 40 years of negotiating will help you get the best price and conditions. The seller is responsible for the smoke and septic certification. The buyer is responsible for the home inspection, which is usually scheduled within two weeks of an accepted "Offer to Purchase". They get their deposit money back if there are major defects and/or the SELLER is not willing to fix them or negotiate different terms. There is also a mortgage contingency clause allowing them time to obtain a mortgage.

  5. The Purchase and Sales Agreement

    This agreement has further detailed legal language to better state the terms and conditions to which both parties have agreed with the "Offer to Purchase". Upon signing, the buyer will normally give an additional deposit equal to a minimum of 5% of the purchase price.

  6. Passing of Papers

    This is also called "the closing". The buyers and sellers meet to pass title. Once all pertinent papers are signed, then the new Deed is recorded. Bring your driver’s license to the closing for identification.

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